Basic Youth Facial


Purity Quick Treatment

The perfect, quick treatment for all skin types including dry, eczematous, sensitive and problem skin. With the use of Skin Scripts deep penetrating and resurfacing derma cosmeceuticals, this treatment assists in the softening and removal of the topical layers of dead skin cells, enabling the skin to absorb beneficial products for the specific problems associated with each of these skin types.


Deep Cleansing Facial with 25% Peel

This treatment is best for any skin type in need of a quick boost. Most skin problems arise due to the skin being unable to release the topical skin cells, thus blocking pores and giving the skin its dull and rough texture. This treatment assists in lifting these problem skin cells with the help of a one minute, 25% glycolic mask which allows the skin to renew, as well as clear, and absorb necessary products for specific skin problems.


Problem Skin Peel

A deeper, medical peeling system that works deep within the layers of the epidermis, lifting and removing sebum from the pores, by use of Salicylic Beta Hydroxyl acids and antibacterial Mandelic acid. This treatment is for even the most sensitive rosacea acne, helping with even-penetration to clear pores causing acne. Azeleic acid, as well as Citric acid are used in this simple and effective peeling system to combat acne in a treatment plan recommended by our professional therapists.


Superficial Plus Peel

A medical peel containing 50% Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid and Lactic acid, all with a Ph of 1.5. It can be used for fine wrinkles reduction, skin lightening, oily skin regulations and spot treatment. This treatment gently rejuvenates, resurfaces, polishes and energizes the skin. It also retextures all skin irregularities, visibly enhancing skin renewal and cellular regeneration.


Advanced TCA Plus Peel

A wonderful treatment for sun damaged or acne damaged skin and stretch marks and can also be used on darker skin types (medium to dark skin colours).

This is a professional chemical peel that delivers combinations of TCA, Azeliac acid and Arbutin, allowing us to customise a treatment for your specific skin conditions. This treatment can be used specifically to focus on the melasma and hyper pigmentation in darker skin tones. Excellent results were also obtained in clinical studies with the lifting of deep wrinkles and scars.

R700 – R1105

Collagen Facial

A customised facial for each client’s individual skin needs. With a combination of a deep penetrating peel, followed with an aromatic massage and collagen mask, this facial helps the client enjoy the results of tightening, firming and moisturising, enabling the skin to absorb the most effective products, thus giving the best results for the skin.


Customised Basic Treatment

Personally formulated for each individual according to your skin’s specific needs.


BDR Facial

The unique BDR Machine uses Micro Dermabrasion, Micro Needling and Blue Light Therapy technology to give a unique face lifting experience to our Specialised Skin Scripts facials.

Only available at Rare Beauti Salon


BDR Add On



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